Anne Huebner & Associates' professionals provide psychological assessments for all ages. We use a variety of techniques and tools of psychology to evaluate thinking, feeling, learning and behaviors. A comprehensive examination of psychological functioning allows us to:

  • get a clearer picture of problem behaviors or distressing emotions
  • evaluate overall strengths and weaknesses
  • determine a diagnosis
  • provide treatment recommendations

We also provide comprehensive pre-surgical assessments related to bariatric surgery and implanted TENS units or pain pumps.

The structure and types of psychological assessments vary depending on age:

Child/Adolescent Psychological Assessments
Are you concerned about how your son functions at home, at school or socially? Does your daughter’s inappropriate behavior, moodiness or failure to live up to her potential worry you? A Child and Adolescent Psychological Assessment can help.

A comprehensive assessment can tell us what is happening in your son or daughter’s psychological life that may be blocking an ability to behave in a more appropriate and constructive manner. While testing cannot always pinpoint the precise cause of the disturbance — especially if it is a complex emotional issue — it will give a number of clues that can help us guide your child in the right direction. In specific cases, such as AD/HD or learning disabilities, testing identifies exactly what steps need to be taken to help your child reach full potential. Typically, the results provide a wealth of information that is useful to you, your son or daughter’s school and other professionals working to help your child become, happier, healthier and more successful in life. A comprehensive assessment can also help you better understand your son or daughter, so you can create a home environment that is most conducive to his or her needs.

Adult Psychological Evaluation
In adults, psychological evaluations help identify problems and mental health symptoms that may be affecting your ability to cope successfully with your environment. With some disorders like Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or bipolar disorder, assessment is essential to identify the exact disorder and its severity level. In other situations where complex problems cloud the real issue, assessment assists in proper diagnosis. Finally, in some situations, court-ordered assessments help psychologists properly diagnosis your mental health and overall coping skills.

Adult psychological assessments take many aspects into consideration with a goal to establish a clear picture of you and your functioning. A variety of tests help us pinpoint issues. For example, IQ tests identify a range of thinking and memory (cognitive) skills and abilities and can identify potential problems. Personality tests identify distress levels and the ability to cope in a difficult world. Other tests reveal an ability to manage physical problems or provide information about career interests or marital situations.

When your mental health diagnosis or personal situation has been properly identified, assessment results help us choose the most appropriate psychotherapy techniques. If needed, we can make referrals to a qualified psychiatrist.


Educational Consulting
Whether your child has a cognitive, learning, emotional, or behavioral disability, has multiple disabilities, is gifted and talented, or is struggling in school and no one has yet uncovered why, the professionals at Anne Huebner and Associates can help. We work with families and schools to explore strategies that meet students' individual needs and guide team members towards solutions that ensure each child's right to a “free and appropriate public education” is protected. Our professionals develop a customized plan of action, designed around your needs and goals. We offer hope, encouragement, information, and education to families just like yours through a comprehensive program of assessment, consultation, therapeutic, and training services.




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