Christian Counseling

If you are interested, some of our therapists offer individual and family counseling with a Christian perspective. At times of life crisis or transition, you may experience a faith crisis or find that your faith impacts your values and priorities. Additionally, it is common to have questions about suffering in a season of life that is distressing or filled with grief. We are comfortable talking with you about your faith journey and how your beliefs affect or influence what you are currently experiencing.

Our approach to Christian counseling features an integration of current psychological research and faith-based principles. The basic idea is to help you find ways to blend wisdom, truth and grace into your situation, so that you move forward in ways that matter to you.

If you are interested in Christian counseling for yourself or a family member, speak with your therapist about how it can be applied to your treatment goals. Together, you can decide whether the approach is suitable for your needs. If not, we will try to help you to find an approach that is best for you.

If you decide to pursue Christian counseling, your therapist may recommend books that provide added understanding in your area of concern. Below are several examples of authors who are respected for their expertise in Christian counseling. A sampling of their books is listed elsewhere on this site under “References.”

  • Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
  • Henry Cloud, Ph.D.
  • Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.
  • Everett Worthington, Ph.D.

We appreciate the meaningful contributions that members of the clergy might bring to your life. With your request and written consent, we will be glad to speak to your pastor, priest, parish nurse, or other ministry leader to coordinate supportive care.

If you desire professional Christian counseling for yourself or your family, we have therapists available who are equipped to meet that need. Your relationship with God can be a source of encouragement, hope, inspiration and strength. We welcome the opportunity to address matters of faith as part of your counseling process. Call us today at 262-786-9184.


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