Forensic Psychology

Dr. Anne Huebner and Dr. Heather Martens offer expertise in forensic psychology for individuals experiencing issues involving the legal arena (not sure about that last word. Do you have a better one?) Both professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced in a full range of psychological and medical disorders. Through thorough interviews and evidence-based assessments,  they provide comprehensive, accurate evaluations of an individual and his/her situation as well as recommendations for treatments and improvements in work or other life areas.

Dr. Anne Huebner

Dr. Anne Huebner has a special interest and unique experience in forensic psychology, She provides valuable insight and information to assist lawyers and the courts in legal decisions. Her experience began with pre- and post-doctoral internships at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where she provided psychological treatment for individuals with chronic and acute illness and injury. Dr. Huebner also worked with the transplant team to assess addictions. Additional work with reconstructive surgery teams provided experience in evaluating motivation for physical self-care before and after surgeries, and in evaluating malingering.

After earning her doctorate, Dr. Huebner began teaching undergraduate psychology courses and conducted her mental health practice providing Social Security Disability exams and treating individuals with chronic and acute medical and mental health disorders. Other assessment occurred in evaluation and treating individuals at a Smoking Cessation Clinic and at a Milwaukee-based pain clinic. At the pain clinic, she also conducted:
  • Pre-operative evaluations for intrathecal pumps and spinal cord stimulators
  • Pre-operative evaluations for bariatric surgery
  • Worker's Compensation and disability evaluations with court testimony
  • Independent Medical exams

Since 2005, Dr. Huebner has continued her academic experience and therapy services, and she has focused intently on forensic work — a specialty area she finds challenging and rewarding. Forensic casework has included Fitness for Duty examinations, Personal Injury evaluations, and continued work with Independent Medical Examinations and disability evaluations. Evaluating a key witness in a murder trial and strategic jury selection have also broadened Dr. Huebner’s forensic experience.

Dr. Huebner’s academic, doctoral training, clinical experiences, and dedication — combined with her ethical and thorough approach — ensure expertise and high quality forensic services, including:
  • Court Testimony
  • Disability Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Examinations
  • Fitness for Practice Evaluations
  • Guardianship Evaluations
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Personal Injury Evaluations
  • Pre-operative Evaluations for intrathecal pumps and spinal cord stimulators
  • Pre-operative Evaluations for bariatric surgery
  • Risk Assessments
  • Worker's Compensation Evaluations

References for Dr. Huebner’s work and work samples are available upon request. To request an evaluation by Dr. Huebner for forensic or medical purposes, please call our office at Anne Huebner & Associates, LLC at 262-786-9184.

Heather M. Martens, Psy.D.

Heather Martens has been practicing in the Metro-Milwaukee area as a licensed doctor of Clinical Psychology for over a decade.  She received her Psy.D. degree in child and adult clinical psychology from the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Martens provides individual, couples and family therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults.  She has experience in diagnostic assessments and psychotherapy.  Dr. Martens has worked in a variety of settings, such as inpatient mental health, outpatient clinics, schools and medical clinics.

Dr. Martens has a wealth of experience assisting those with a variety of health issues which can significantly impact mental health and stress levels.  She has experience working with acute and chronic illnesses; including pain, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and cancer diagnoses.  Dr. Martens works training family medicine physicians on how physical conditions impact overall functioning in personal, occupational or educational settings.  She is happy to collaborate with physicians on pharmacological treatments.

Dr. Martens uses an integrative approach to treatment, which includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Modification, Systems Therapy, and Interpersonal Theory.  She also finds principles of mindfulness to be a helpful therapeutic tool.  She is able to provide individualized care to best meet her client’s needs.  She strives to develop person-centered treatment plans to best assist her clients in meeting personal goals.  Dr. Martens has extensive experience treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, thought or Bipolar disorders.  She has been recognized for her role in developing safety plans from thorough risk assessments and providing stability in times of high stress or chaos.  Dr. Martens is able to collaborate with other medical professionals, school personnel or anyone else playing a significant role in her client’s success.  She enjoys helping clients who are struggling with difficult life transitions and challenges, such as families or individuals going through divorce or creating blended families.  Dr. Martens also has experience treating eating disorder and substance abuse issues.

Dr. Martens is able to complete cognitive, academic, social and/or emotional psychological assessments.  These assessments can often guide care and provide detailed recommendations.  Assessments can often be useful for diagnostic clarification for disorders, such as ADHD.  Full psychological reports follow the assessment to be shared with medical doctors, schools or other supportive networks.

Dr. Martens has extensive experience completing and testifying in court cases.  She has testified over 200 times in mental health proceedings, including jury trials.  She is able to provide evaluations for forensic, personal injury, social security, commitment or fitness for duty cases.  Dr. Martens also has experience completing psychological evaluations for a number of health conditions and treatments, such as bariatric surgery and pain management techniques. 

Dr. Martens is currently on faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology.  She teaches graduate level courses on community psychology, consultation, and psychopathology.  Dr. Martens also provides lectures on mental health issues to physicians.

To request an evaluation by Heather Martens for forensic or medical purposes, please call our office at Anne Huebner & Associates, LLC at 262-786-9184.

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